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Incorrect movements during exercise can lead to injury. These injuries can lead to long-term problems if not addressed.


OrthopedicExercise &

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Physical activity is a very important aspect of your life and being knowledgeable about how to nurture that active lifestyle through proper nutrition is key to a happy and long healthy life. Knowledge of nutrition and nutritional coaching will provide valuable information and resources to active adult’s and athletes.


Those who are looking to lose weight and correct eating habits or just improve eating habits will find that working with a Nutrition Specialist can be very cost-effective way to reach their goal. This is accomplished by understanding key components in your nutritional lifestyle, identifying and initiating referrals to other health professionals when appropriate.


Understanding the importance of a healthy nutritious and balanced diet over fad diets and unnecessary supplements is key to achieving a weight loss or performance goal.

Frederick Neal | ACE Orthopedic Exercise & Functional Movement Specialist 

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Functional Training | Orthopedic Exercise

How you move is very important to your health and well-being. If you have pre-existing conditions from injury or surgery your movement will suffer. You can improve your movement through guided mastery training and correct any dysfunctional movement you may have. Move better feel better.

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OrthopedicExercise &

Fuctional Movememt Training

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