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Deksi Network Administrator 6.2 Cracked

DEKSI Network Administrator 6.2 ED: A Powerful Network Management Solution

Network administration is a challenging and complex task that requires a lot of skills and tools. Network administrators need to monitor the performance and availability of network devices and servers, manage network inventory and licenses, create network diagrams and maps, and troubleshoot network problems. However, finding a network management solution that can meet all these needs can be difficult and expensive.

Fortunately, there is a network management software that can provide a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for network administration: DEKSI Network Administrator 6.2 ED. DEKSI Network Administrator 6.2 ED (DNA) is a set of four award-winning network software tools that allow you to monitor, map, manage, and audit your network with ease and efficiency. DNA is designed by network administrators for network administrators, and it offers the following features and benefits:

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  • Network monitoring: DNA allows you to monitor the status and performance of your network devices and servers, such as CPU, memory, disk space, bandwidth, services, processes, etc. You can also set up alerts and notifications for any network events or failures, and generate reports and graphs for analysis.

  • Network mapping: DNA enables you to create a network map automatically by scanning your network and discovering all the hosts and devices. You can also customize your network map by adding icons, labels, links, etc., and export it to a graphic image, Microsoft Visio, or an XML scheme.

  • Network management: DNA helps you to manage your network devices remotely by accessing their properties and resources. You can also perform various actions on your devices, such as shutdown, restart, ping, traceroute, etc., and view their logs and registry.

  • Network inventory: DNA assists you to keep track of your network inventory and licenses by collecting detailed information about the software and hardware installed on your computers. You can also compare the inventory data with the license keys and serial numbers, and detect any unauthorized or illegal copies of software products.

DNA is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019, and it supports SNMP, ICMP, WMI, TCP/IP protocols. DNA has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and navigate. DNA also has a built-in web server that allows you to access your network map and monitoring stats from any web browser. DNA is a reliable and secure network management solution that can help you to improve your network performance, security, and productivity.

If you are looking for a powerful network management solution that can meet all your network administration needs, you should try DEKSI Network Administrator 6.2 ED. You can download a free demo version from [here] or buy the full version from [here]. You can also watch a demonstration video of DNA from [here]. DEKSI Network Administrator 6.2 ED is the ultimate network management software for your network.

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