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Private One on One Training


As your ACE Certified Trainer, I will provide safe and effective training programs utilizing state of the art equipment for physical training and body conditioning programs.  A physical fitness assessment is administered to pinpoint your weak areas and your readiness for physical activity. After your fitness assessment is complete, I make the recommendations for your training based on your assessment test findings, at that time the appropriate personal training package is chosen. I have developed a number of personal training packages to meet the needs of my clients. Only certified professional trainers with years of experience in the fields of health, fitness, and nutrition aid you in your technical understanding.  Now it is time to begin your journey to total wellness and achieve optimum fitness. 

Frederick Neal | ACE Certified Personal Trainer

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From basic wellness concerns to high performance activities, sports and understanding exercise, nutritional wellness and healthy eating, Newbody Training System LLC can provide you with top notch training solutions.”

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