Personal training helps you discover your wellness level before you begin a fitness program. This process uncovers your unique needs and pinpoint your weak areas and readiness for physical activity. From basic wellness concerns to high performance activities, sports and understanding nutritional wellness and healthy eating.


Personal Training L1

Personal Taining
  • Phase 1:  The focus is on improving health, correcting imbalances and improving joint stability and mobility.

    Phase 2: primary focus is on improving fitness levels and aerobic efficiency and training movement patterns prior to loading.

    Phase 3: moves the client into performance level.

    Phase 4: is entirely on improving performance – power, speed, agility, reactivity, and anaerobic power.

  • Appointment & Payment Timeline

    All payments must be made 24 hours in advance at the studio main office. All payments must be prepaid; services will not be rendered without prior payment. In the event that prior payment is not received from the client, the client will be notified in writing to remit payment within a designated time. If payment is not received within the designated time; the client’s sessions will be suspended until payment is received.

    The client will be notified if the membership is suspended and when the membership has been reactivated upon payment. Clients and trainers must signin each training session. The singin sheets will be signed by both the trainer and the client in order to verify services rendered.

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