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38 Chen Tai Chi Form | Full Body Conditioning

  • 1 hour

Service Description

This Tai Chi training will focus on the core training principles of “Chen Tai Chi” movements. You will gain strength and flexibility with basic concepts of performance and function. You will learn the practical skill set to understand Tai Chi training principles, preparatory steps to Tai Chi movement, applied Tai Chi knowledge and implementation. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Base Movements and Applying Knowledge • Understanding how to perform specific base Tai Chi movements. • Understanding modeling and guided mastery experiences to learn proper technique. • Understanding the physical challenges of Tai Chi and how to set realistic and reachable, goals. • Choosing goals that are realistic based on present condition and expectations for improvement. Benefits of the Traditional Martial Arts Tai Chi Training • Improved reflexes and coordination, which increases performance in all physical activities. • Increased strength and stamina, which boosts energy. • Increased flexibility and weight control for better overall fitness. • Cardiovascular workouts, for a stronger heart and better circulation. Additionally, mental benefits of the Tai Chi include • Improved concentration for better work and study habits. • Stress reduction and increased levels of relaxation for a longer healthier life. • Increased self-confidence and self-discipline to develop a positive attitude toward life. Implementation • Understanding how Tai Chi movement apply to principles in the training routines. Social Support • Partnering with classmates for training and practice to improvement technical skills. The Five Keys to Success • Motivation. • Desire. • Direction. • Determination. • Consistency

Cancellation Policy

Your must notify the trainer at least 24 hours in advance of any necessary schedule change. In the event of a "no show" or unauthorized schedule change, you are responsible for paying that session.

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