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Traditional Martial Arts and Child Development – Teaching Life’s Most Important Lessons

Many people miss the most important aspect of martial arts training, and it is easy to see why. We live in a civilization that thrives on dilution of information. Bullet points of data that do not comminate into a complete and comprehensive narrative, with a single purpose and that is to control the narrative. We would like to think that our thoughts are our own - that our actions are our own, but when you truly understand who you are you understand what drives the world in you and around you.

Traditional Martial Arts training for children is primarily about self-exploration and self-realization then control of self and living life through discipline with passion. Adults take a journey back to themselves to rediscover pathways taken and to uncover blockages that hold back creative development and restores the pathway to spiritual awaking.

We are all born knowing only life, but we must grow to know living.

My doors at the academy are always open for leaning, training, exchange of ideas on life, living and discovery. All are welcome.


ACE Certified Health Coach | ACE Certified PersonalTrainer

ACE Sports & Fitness Nutrition Specialist | ACE Weight Management Specialist

ACE Orthopedic &Functional Movement Specialist



474 Prospect Ave West Orange New Jersey 07052

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