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Health Coaching

ACE Certified Health Coaching combines exercise science, weight management,  fitness coaching, nutrition education, personal training, time management and psychology to help my clients achieve long-term behavioral change. As your Health Coach I focus on your strengths, well-being, preserving and maintaining health and preventing illness. I will help you develop a supportive network to help you achieve your goal. Your ability to pursue life and happiness is only possible if you are physically and mentally at your best your fitness program is designed to meet and exceed your needs and expectations. Working with a Health Coach is an important first step toward taking control of your health and wellness.


Personal Training

As your ACE Certified Trainer  I will provide safe and effective training programs utilizing state of the art equipment for  physical training and body conditioning programs.  A physical fitness assessment is administered to pinpoint your weak areas and your readiness for physical activity. After your fitness assessment is complete I make the recommendations for your training based on your assessment test findings, at that time the appropriate personal training package is chosen. I have developed a number of personal training packages to meet the needs of my clients.Only certified professional trainers with years of experience in the fields of health, fitness, and nutrition aid you in your technical understanding.  Now it is time to begin your journey to total wellness and achieve optimum fitness. 


Martial Arts

Martial arts training involves a series of physical and mental exercises which involves kicking, punching, blocking, throwing including joint locking and trapping techniques.

Practicing per-arranged movements (forms) as well as controlled, free - fighting movements and self - defense techniques will develop increased physical fitness, enhanced coordination and concentration, greater self-confidence and mental toughness.

My  young adult and children’s program is designed to teach  solid values, among them:  respect for parents, elders, and teachers; harmony among siblings, discipline, dedication, and good citizenship. Those who dedicates themselves to martial arts training  will be a better person and a better student!  Teens who show dedication have an opportunity to participate in leadership developing training through our Junior Instructor’s Program.

Martial arts can serve as an athletic endeavor for those teens who may not desire to participate in traditional athletics, e.g., basketball, baseball, soccer, or football.

Adult students will find  martial arts classes will  relieve stress, provide a stimulating and challenging workout, and toenhance their overall health and well-being.



As your ACE Nutrition Specialist I have the  knowledge of nutrition and nutrition coaching and can provide nutritional information  and resources to athletes and active adults. I can be  a valued asset to clients seeking to loss weight and correct eating habits. Nutrition Specialist have the ability to identify and initiate referrals to other health professionals when appropriate. I can help you understand key components in reaching a weight loss goal or improving athlete performance. Understanding the importance of a healthy nutritious and balanced diet over fad diets and unnecessary supplements is key to achieving a weigh loss or performance goal. Physical activity is a very important aspect of your life and being knowledgeable about how to  nurture that active lifestyle through proper nutrition is key to a happy and long healthy life.     


Kido Kickboxing

Phase 1:  Will help you master the basic principles of Kido, this will prepare you to use your body in the martial arts way. Stances, kicks, punches, rhythm, Kido foot work, timing, hand and foot combinations.  Students must complete phase 1 before moving on to phase 2……….

Phase 2:  Builds on your training from phase 1.  You will learn “Kido Form One” a preset group of movements developed to strengthen your connection of mind and body. Free style Kido is practiced to music at a moderate pace which is 100 - 124 bpms. Partner practice is introduced, and principles of partner training are studied. Advance cardio training begins at this level with power stretching.


Phase 3: Is the highest level of “fitness Kido practice” training is done by timed rounds and rest periods. This includes all methods of training, free style rhythm, heavy bag, partner training and rope. Phase 1 and 2 should be successfully completed before moving to this level, with only 1 month break between phases.


This program is adapted to apparently healthy individuals only.  Those over the age of 40 with no physical fitness history and no physical or medical concerns should have a complete physical before attempting these classes.


Sports Conditioning Program

My sports conditioning program improves specific skills required to accel in your chosen sport. Body movement is very divers depending on the sport you play but whatever sport you play proper physical conditioning plays a key role in your success. Sports conditioning is performed at high intensity building on strength, speed, endurance and cardio aerobic complicity.  

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