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Master Frederick Neal owner of Newbody Training System LLC, and this is his practice. He is Certified through The American Council on Exercise which is accredited through The National Commission for Certifying Agencies which is the widely accepted gold standard for programs that certify professionals in many healthcare and fitness occupations. As a seasoned practitioner of health, wellness, and martial arts, his purpose is to teach those seeking knowledge of wellness and fitness methods - to guide those looking for a better way to balance their time and energy and give aid to those in need of reaching and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Mastering The Moment

Mastering the Moment



Master Frederick Neal


Having a sport as a hobby is a very good thing.  It can provide lifelong fun and it is a great way to stay in shape and improve physical and mental wellness. However; we must also remember that in order to enjoy our hobby we must keep our bodies and minds in great condition by acquiring the technical skills and physical conditioning needed to perform safely and effectively.


Finding a coach to work with you on your chosen sport should be your first step and working with a sports conditioning trainer is your next step. Acquiring the technical skills and physical conditioning that a sport requires can be elusive; however you can be ready to play in as little as 4 to 6 weeks.

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