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Updated: Mar 3, 2023

“The purpose of exercise and proper nutrition started with evidenced based outcomes that physical movement, combat and athlete performance and general well-being could be enhanced by placing controlled and guided amounts of stress on the body. However, there are limits to how far the body can go under these conditions and it is this question in today's social environment that has become a barrier to the success of many exercising and non-exercising individuals. Now, I am framing a new path of insight that is not physical or mental and not even mindful (as "mindfulness" has become the new hook to catch your attention) and that is "Balance." Balance is the key to opening the door to quality health and well-being and goes beyond exercise and nutritional modalities. This is where exercise, nutritional, mindfulness only provides a foundation to achieve a true level of total well-being. Our outcomes will have a greater level of satisfaction and long-lasting results if we approach every aspect of our lives with “Balance.” This is the lesson that must be learned and mastered. This is what I believe and teach”

Frederick Neal Master Instructor

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