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Progress - Tracking Customization - Avoiding Plateaus - Injury Prevention - Efficient Training

Knowing your strength level is essential for establishing a reference point for growth in your fitness journey.

Understanding your current strength levels allows you to set specific and measurable strength-related goals. You can track your progress over time, which is motivating and helps you stay committed to your workouts.

Your strength level influences the choice of exercises, weights, and repetitions in your workout program. Tailoring your routine to your strength level ensures that your workouts are challenging but achievable.

You will be able to continually reassess and adjust your strength training program, this will help you avoid hitting a plateau where you stop making progress. This keeps your workouts effective and engaging.

Establishing a baseline for your strength levels ensures that you optimize your training time and effort by targeting areas that need improvement. This baseline strength level is then used to setup appropriate weight levels for your strength level reduces the risk of injury associated with overexertion or using improper form.

I sometimes use a (one-rep-max) test to measure clients strength gains, but this should only be done under guidance.

Master Frederick Neal

ACE Certified Health Coach | ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Sports & Fitness Nutrition Specialist | ACE Weight Management Specialist

ACE Orthopedic & Functional Movement Specialist



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