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“Learning Self-Defense Takes More Effort Than You May Think”

Martial Arts is everywhere, every style you can think of with most promising to make a street fighter out in no time. But what is the reality of using martial techniques in just a few weeks or months if you are attacked on the streets?

The time it takes to become effective in self-defense varies depending on factors like your starting skill level, the intensity of training, and the techniques you're learning. With consistent practice and proper training, many people start feeling more confident in basic self-defense within a few months. However, becoming truly proficient and effective in real-world situations could take a few years of dedicated practice and experience. It's important to prioritize regular training, ongoing learning, and realistic scenarios to build the necessary skills.

Let me leave you with this, most people will never have a “STREET FIGHT.”

Master Frederick Neal

ACE Certified Health Coach | ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Sports & Fitness Nutrition Specialist | ACE Weight Management Specialist ACE Orthopedic & Functional Movement Specialist



474 Prospect Ave West Orange New Jersey 07052

Insured by: Philadelphia Insurance Companies

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