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Fighting Cognitive Impairment with Physical Activity

The impact exercise on cognitive health is greater than many may think or may even know. Physical movement and guided fitness training can improve mental health. “Laura Baker, PhD, professor of gerontology and geriatric medicine at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, did a studying on the impact of exercise on cognitive impairment and found that moving the body for 45 to 50 minutes three or four times per week is enough to impact the progression of Mild Cognitive Impairment. This type of movement is more accessible for people and may be more realistic as a therapeutic approach over the long term.”

Mild Cognitive Impairment can occur earlier in life and even more rapidly as you age. But with the help and guidance of a Professional Health Coach you can change the advancement of (MCI). Each person will require a different exercise and behavioral change prescription as life for each of us differs, but the good news is that the proper portion of exercise can change your mental health for the better.

If you feel like you are sitting on a cliffside wondering what to do next about your cognitive well-being – talk to a wellness professional and get back on the road of life.

Wellness Works Better for You - When You Work with A Professional.

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